Its Come to This, Hasn’t it

Today, August 13th 2015, Otters Army will be leaving for a long time. We don’t know when, or if, we’ll be back, but we may. Thanks to N05hoc, Lynnfamily, and Oli231 for helping me lead the army. And thank you Htr232 for being one of the founding leaders… I salute you all. Now I gave my servers back to their rightful owners, and I gave Iceland, Mullet, and Snow ย Day to my new army, Fog Phantoms. Goodbye, Otters.


Youtube: DiceDSGHQ

Club Penguin: N05hoc

Nachos Chat:

Water Troops Chat:

Fog Phantoms website:
Edit from Sep. 5: Join them!


Raiding of Husky

August 4th, Unscheduled Event.

Raiding of Husky Ice Warriors vs Otters Army

They must have forgotten about it, we gave them a 3 day notice.

Max: 25, 19, 14

We are very powerful, but we’re not featured ย in SMAC, SMAP, or CPAC. D: I never applied in CPAC though. *sigh* Keep training without me, cause that happened before, and we did this! WOW! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oli231 lead that war by himself, along with Lynnfamily. They are great leaders.

Invasion of Vanilla 8/9/15

Invasion of Vanilla

Great job, Otters! We maxed 4 ย at the event. And 1 Dorito came! Man I know Doritos will be the next army to leave CPAC, and probably come back into SMAC. Get ready for the next battle today!

Invasion of Ascent

Times: 6 PM EST – 11 PM UK – 5 PM PST

Leaders Attending: Oli231 & N05hoc

Good luck, Otters.